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Marketing Consulting For Start-Ups Targeting Executive Recruiters

Executive Search is a widely untapped area of the staffing and recruitment industry when it comes to technology, products and automation. Yet, it is one of the most lucrative echelons within staffing and recruitment. At Retaindly, we have over 10 years of experience working alongside executive search firms and executive recruiters and intimately understand their process, business challenges and limitations.  


There are plenty of opportunities awaiting start-ups to solution solve for many aspects of the executive search and executive recruitment process. Start-ups that are entering into the executive search market to launch new tools, platforms and products can better serve their product teams, spend marketing budgets and deliver key marketing messages by collaborating and working with Retaindly.


Executive search is a niche market for which Retaindly is well equipped to advise technology start-ups to grow their user base and expand their product offerings. Contact us to learn more about marketing your products to executive search firms and executive recruiters. 

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