Email Marketing eBook For Executive Search & Recruiters


Email marketing is the most fundamental basic of any marketing strategy. It is straightforward, cost effective, accessible to mostly everyone and is simple to set up. An effective email marketing campaign involves a lot more planning and informed strategy than simply writing a draft and sending to a prospect's inbox.


In this eBook, we will cover a wide range of topics for successfully launching (or relaunching) an email marketing campaign and strategy. We will cover everything from the basic essentials and concepts for building a marketing email, growing your marketing list and calculating your ROI on every marketing email you send. We will examine many concepts within the eBook including some of the following:


  • Outline And Set-Up A 12-Week Email Marketing Campaign For Prospects

  • 15 Step Checklist For Creating High Performing Marketing Emails

  • Segmenting Your Audiences And Lists

  • How To Win More Search Work From Past Clients Using Email Marketing

  • Calculating Your ROI And Marketing Spend For Email Marketing Campaigns

  • How To Capture Leads Using Content And Web Pages

  • 6 Ways To Capture Leads On Social Media

  • 26 Example Call-To-Actions To Include In Your Marketing Emails

  • The Importance Of Sending Relevant Content

  • How To Gauge Performance By Understanding Analytics

  • The Difference Between Automated & Regular Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Account-Based Email Marketing & Retargeting Prospects

  • Scheduling & Frequency Best Practices

  • 8 Additional Marketing Emails To Target Audiences

  • Understanding The Lead Generation Funnel

  • 9 Marketing Email Ideas For Leveraging The Candidate Audience

  • Email Marketing Platform Automation Tools



At the end of this eBook you will learn all of the above including best practices for setting up and running a results driven email marketing campaign to win more search fees.