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Email Marketing eBook For Executive Search & Recruiters

In this eBook, we will cover a wide range of topics for successfully launching (or relaunching) an email marketing campaign and strategy. We will cover everything from the basic essentials and concepts for building a marketing email, growing your marketing list and calculating your ROI on every marketing email you send. We will examine many concepts within the eBook including some of the following:


  • Outline And Set-Up A 12-Week Email Marketing Campaign For Prospects

  • 15 Step Checklist For Creating High Performing Marketing Emails

  • Segmenting Your Audiences And Lists

  • How To Win More Search Work From Past Clients Using Email Marketing

  • Calculating Your ROI And Marketing Spend For Email Marketing Campaigns

  • How To Capture Leads Using Content And Web Pages

  • 6 Ways To Capture Leads On Social Media


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