Marketing Support Designed For
Your Needs

Retaindly works with executive search firms and search consultants on a retainer, per-project or subscription basis. 


Depending on a search firm's goals, marketing needs and the scope of work. For example, a retainer engagement is ideal for monthly social media marketing and management or producing and publishing original content and thought leadership on a regular cadence. 

Per-project engagements are ideal for individual projects that are not ongoing such as web design, eBooks, graphic design, email marketing campaigns, marketing materials or deliverables, etc. 

In some cases, we work with search firms and independent search consultants on a subscription model. This type of engagement includes a pool of scoped hours that are pre-determined and pre-purchased on a monthly or quarterly basis. These hours are then drawn upon and used to support a search firm's marketing needs on an ad-hoc basis, across a variety of marketing campaigns or projects. The subscription model is ideal for search firm's that do not have a marketing resource or team member that manages or oversees the marketing strategy.