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Business Presentation

We Run Your Marketing For You.

Similar to how a search firm works with clients as an external trusted partner and advisor when it comes to executive level search and talent needs - we work with search firms in the same way.


We offer Marketing Outsourcing as an option to search firms that need someone to create, implement, manage and execute the marketing strategy and projects for the year ahead. Here's how we do it:

  • We work with you to identify marketing goals for the year ahead

  • Identify what marketing initiatives, projects or channels would best support these needs

  • Develop a plan and spread these marketing projects out across the year

  • Deliver marketing projects on time

  • Assure these marketing assets are leveraged properly within the overall strategy. 

  • We help train, guide and educate more junior marketing team members in your search firm on how to market and position executive search effectively to prospects. 

We essentially, serve as your marketing team for a fraction of the cost - getting the work done on time, on budget and on message.  

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