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Marketing Solutions

Retaindly's marketing products and services for executive search firms and executive recruiters are designed to support your firm's current and future marketing plans and initiatives. Whether you have a dedicated full-time marketing team member or need a new fresh piece of marketing (content, eBook, blog articles, etc.) Retaindly can help. 

Self-Service Marketing

Retaindly's self-service marketing option is available to all executive recruiters in the form of downloadable eBooks. These eBooks are designed to deliver industry expert advice from our 10 years of expertise marketing executive search firms and services to clients. Each eBook focuses on a different aspect of your marketing strategy (social media, content, email, etc.) to provide you with new ideas, insights and best practices to enhance, guide and support your marketing initiatives.

Project-Based Marketing

For when your team becomes too busy to focus on and manage a specific marketing project., Retaindly can fill in these gaps in your marketing efforts by writing content, publishing to social media, driving paid social ad campaigns, launching email nurture campaigns and more. Leave marketing projects to us at Retaindly and let your team get back to work

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