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Outsource Early Stages Of A Search.

We understand that different clients have different needs. With our multi-channel approach, we can tailor-fit a solution that best works for you. We consider ourselves an extension of your business, so we can be very flexible to cater to your business needs.

HIKINEX puts robust processes in place to mitigate recruitment delays and ultimately secure the best talent in the quickest possible time. Our team of highly experienced and trained recruiters allows for you to trust us with the early sourcing, outreach, screening and scheduling phases of a search and allow you to focus on business development and winning new search work.

Take advantage of various hiring options tailored to your specific requirements. Scale up and down on recruitment activities to match the hiring needs of your clients.

HIKINEX reduces recruitment costs by 70% as we streamline your hiring process. We’ll provide you access to diverse resources whenever and wherever you need it at a fraction of the cost - and is industry agnostic. 

Our goal is to handle all the rudimentary but necessary tasks of recruitment from sourcing, screening, up to candidate administration, so you’ll have more TIME to focus on the critical aspects of your business, such as managing clients’ expectations and closing deals.


  • Calendaring & Scheduling Recruiting assistants generally can coordinate and schedule 40-80 interviews per week.  Once passed to them they can coordinate schedules, create calendars, send confirmations, monitor inboxes, and reconcile cancellations and adjustments. ​

  • Sourcing and Screening Review application material, read resumes and cover letters.  Source candidates via LI or other tools, send InMails and make connections.

  • First Contact - First Contact is our term for verifying alignment and interest during a quick 5-minute call.  Verify key questions: Salary Requirements, Availability to Start, Interest and Key Qualifications, and Check Box Items.

  • Administration - Update ATS, run background checks, call references.  Generate client reporting and activity for RPO activities and handle all repetitive tasks to free the lead recruiters.​

  • Interviewing - Reinforcement of critical questions and situational questions depending on the position to see how a candidate does in different situations

  • Candidate Preparation - Preparation of interview questions, knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, giving constructive criticisms​

To learn more about HIKINEX and a personal introduction, get in touch. 

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