Retaindly was founded upon collaboration, innovation and partnership rooted in driving the executive search and executive recruitment industry forward. Over the years, we have discovered new platforms and made a lot of friends that share this core mission. Below are some of these Partners that Retaindly trusts and has collaborated with in the past.


Recruiting For Search Firms

Ultimate Solutions Search

Looking to hire or thinking about growing your executive search team? Ultimate Solutions Search has over 20 years of experience appointing Partners, Recruiters and Associates at executive search firms as well as building in-house talent acquisition teams.

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Automate Sourcing & Outreach


Interseller is a unique platform that streamlines your candidate sourcing research and business development outreach processes,. Find any candidate or prospect's email address while launching email sequences automatically with one-click. 

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Reputation Management

Great Recruiters

Great Recruiters is a reputation management platform built exclusively for recruiters to manage their reputation online and gain valuable performance insights that creates a better client and candidate experience.

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