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Software Designed For Executive Recruiters By Executive Recruiters.

Clockwork was designed by a former executive recruiter specifically to improve how executive recruiters and clients work together. Whether you're a retained search firm, a corporate or in-house executive recruiting team, or an institutional investor, Clockwork offers the most flexible and customizable platform dedicated to executive search projects.

Working with hundreds of successful teams, we’ve identified a proven 8-stage methodology to support your process that leads to the best executive search performance—every time. Our software provides solutions for:


  • Client Collaboration. Get buy-in to your process and build trust with your clients and stakeholders.

  • Team Management. Improve communication within your team and get everyone on the same page for all searches, candidates and clients.

  • Data Management. Save time by leveraging your data through configurable project types, automation, bulk editing, custom fields and more. 

  • Business Development. Leverage your past work, longlists and contacts to find new opportunities and save time.

  • Infrastructure. Built as a SaaS platform for executive recruiters and search firms guarantees rock solid security, flexibility and access. 

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Remove Bias. Capture, manage and report on important Diversity & Inclusion data and remove bias when presenting candidates to clients. 

Your skills, expertise, and process are what makes your executive search firm and team unique. Clockwork was built with the flexibility and customizations to adapt to you and your process. Don't settle for an executive search software that is rigid, requires you to change, and erodes your competitive advantage. 

To learn more about Clockwork's Executive Search Platform, get in touch with us.  

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