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Case Study: Rebrand Wins Work For Search Firm

At Retaindly, we love to talk about our search firms' and search consultants' success. Here is one example in which our client recently won a new search and a new client by partnering with Retaindly.

The Challenge:

A search firm reached out to us inquiring about rebranding her logo and redesigning her website. Initially she and her firm had begun this rebranding and redesign process with a different marketing agency - but she and her firm were dissatisfied with the design, direction and lack of understanding of her business from the other agency. When she approached Retaindly she needed:

  1. A rebranded and redesigned logo for her search firm

  2. A refreshed and redesigned website that was modern, clean and sophisticated

The Solution:

We were starting from scratch. Their existing website was built on older technology that was not up-to-date in terms of Search Engine Optimization or indexing by search engines such as Google - so we needed to start fresh.

As part of our website design process, first we partnered with the client to understand her style, what values she wanted to convey through her new website and understand the critical pages of her site and how to potentially expand on these. We also asked for the client to look at some of her competitors and talk to us about the elements and things she liked and did not like on her competitor's websites.

We then took all of this information and set out on a 8-week redesign process. We came up with two different initial designs for the home page and landing page templates, as well as a handful of rebranded logos, within the first two weeks to present from the client. From there she picked one website design and one logo design and we began building out the content, imagery, function and more for the rest of the site. Her website and logo redesign and rebranding included:

  1. Redesigned home page

  2. 18 Interior landing pages

  3. A Blog

  4. Video Gallery Page

  5. Content transfer from old site to new

  6. Contact Us Page

  7. SEO optimization

  8. Reimagined navigation and functional design

  9. Mobile optimized

  10. Lead generation funnels

  11. Redesigned logo

The Results:

After the website redesign and logo rebranding were delivered, our client engaged Retaindly to refresh and rebrand all of her marketing materials and deliverables to match the new website and logo rebrand including:

  • Pitch Deck

  • 1 Client eBook (40+ pages)

  • 1 Candidate eBook (20+ pages)

  • Social media header images

  • Brand Manual

Then What Happened:

Once we had all of the marketing deliverables and assets rebranded and redesigned to match the fresh new look of the website and logo, the client announced her rebranding and within the first week of launching had a new client inquiry and 20+ eBook downloads.

The Process & Timeline:

By taking careful consideration and listening to our client throughout the brainstorming and design process, we were able to deliver all rebranded assets in under 10 weeks.

Below is a timeline breakdown of each milestone:

  • Week 1: Retaindly and client kick-off and design consultation call

  • Week 2: Retaindly designs several variations of website and logo to provide several choices to move forward with

  • Week 3: Retaindly presents design mock-ups to client and 1 design for website and logo is selected to move forward with.

  • Week 4-5: The rest of the interior pages are designed and laid out, navigation streamlined

  • Week 6: Second round of designs are presented for feedback

  • Week 7-8: Feedback is integrated into final designs and the site is mobile and SEO optimized.

  • Week 8: Website is ready to launch - client engages Retaindly to update / rebrand rest of marketing materials

  • Week 9-10: Marketing assets are all redesigned to match new branding style and feedback is provided for final revisions.

  • Week 10: Website and all marketing materials ready to launch.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help with rebranding your search firm.


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