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Case Study: Social Media Wins Search Firm New Search Work

At Retaindly, we love to talk about our search firms' and search consultants' success. Here is one example in which our client recently won a new search and a new client by partnering with Retaindly.

The Challenge:

An executive search consultant was referred to Retaindly by one of our Partners. This search consultant was looking to increase their social media presence and build a strong thought leadership library of content. Without a blog function on the search firm's website - Retaindly worked to identify the best solution to work within the resources available. Their goals were simple:

  • To increase their social media presence

  • To be seen as a thought leader and a trusted advisor in their specific industry

  • To win a new search from the above activity

Retaindly partnered with the client to manage the search consultant's and search firm's social media channels, and was engaged to write monthly content for the Managing Partner.

The Solution:

We were starting from scratch. There was a handful of social media posts every few months - but no blog page on their website and no thought leadership content to immediately begin driving traffic on social media. So we had to act quit - but be strategic.

As part of our content marketing process - we held an initial kick-off call to discuss some trends and topics relevant to the search consultant's specific and niche industry. With our 10 years' experience working within the executive search industry, we knew what language and themes would resonate with their client base - but we needed to collaborate with the search consultant to focus even more narrowly on a few specific subjects. Retaindly outlined a few key topics and then together with the client selected one to move forward with.

The Work:

After accessing the search consultant's social media channels, Retaindly began posting relevant content on a regular basis to begin to generate awareness with connections, networks and followers. The activity began to garner attention across their networks and 2 weeks after the initial brainstorming call, Retaindly had produced its first blog post for the search consultant.

The Results:

The blog post was published under the search consultant's name to one of their available publishing channels. Within the first month of Retaindly publishing the article and managing the social media strategy the below results were achieved:

  • 35,000+ Impressions

  • 410 views of blog post

  • 73% of post views were within their target market

  • 14 Reactions

Then What Happened:

4 weeks after Retaindly published the blog post and continued to manage their social media channels, one of the search consultant's connections read the thought leadership blog post. The content resonated so deeply with this connection, that he then shared the blog post to a colleague (who wanted to expand his leadership team). The colleague directly approached the search consultant (Retaindly client), after reading the blog post. As a result, the search consultant, won a new search and a new client - all due to Retaindly's strategic approach to social media and content marketing.

The Process & Timeline:

By producing an effective and impactful thought leadership piece (the first of many) and managing the social media strategy, Retaindly was able to win a new search for our search consultant client within the first 7 weeks of working together.

Below is a timeline breakdown of each milestone:

  • Week 1: Retaindly and client kick-off content brainstorming session and Retaindly began managing social media accounts.

  • Week 2: Retaindly drafted initial thought leadership piece and shared with search consultant for feedback and edits.

  • Week 3: Edits incorporated, blog post finalized and published.

  • Week 4-6: Thought leadership content integrated into social media marketing strategy.

  • Week 7: Prospective client approached search consultant and new search was won.


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