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Marketing eBooks For Executive Search Firms

A 45 page eBook designed to help executive search firms and executive recruiters understand how often to produce blog articles, ebooks, white papers, reports and videos and where to use these assets within your marketing strategy.  Learn the value or goals behind various types of content and how to raise awareness versus generate leads. Within this eBook you will learn:​

  • The differences between long and short form content

  • The purpose of using different types of content and how to achieve results

  • How often to write or publish content 

  • Calculate the ROI for content within your marketing strategy

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Levitating Books

An 80 page eBook designed to help executive search firms and executive recruiters leverage Twitter, LinkedIn and Paid Social Ad Campaigns for lead generation. Learn how to properly elevate your profile among clients, keep your expertise top of mind as a trusted advisor and attribute social media marketing results to revenue goals.


  • Learn How To Properly Reach And Target Prospective Clients

  • Build A Paid Social Ad Campaign and Measure ROI

  • Automate Your Social Media Process

  • Best Practices For Content, Time Management and Visibility

  • 5 Social Media Templates And 134 Posts To Get Started

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A 68-page eBook on Email Marketing Campaigns designed to specifically help executive search firms and executive recruiters promote and market their services to prospects and new client audiences. Learn how to:

  • Build a 12-step email marketing campaign that target audiences

  • Leverage analytics to gauge performance and prioritize leads

  • Build a marketing list from social media, your website, research, etc. 

  • How to draft a high performing marketing email. 

  • How to determine ROI and attribute revenue generation from you email marketing campaigns. 

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