Who We Work With 

eBook: Social Media Marketing

Retaindly has over 10 years of experience marketing executive search and leadership services to companies, clients and prospects to generate leads and win more search work. Retaindly has collaborated and worked with executive search firms of all sizes from independent executive recruiters that are sole proprietor entrepreneurs to small to medium size boutique executive search firms.

Marketing For Boutique Executive Search Firms


Retaindly's project-based marketing services fill in the gaps for your executive search firm to support your existing marketing efforts through content, thought leadership, branding, social media and more. Project-based marketing work is designed to supplement your marketing efforts when your team is too busy to focus on marketing. If you are simply looking to bring some new ideas to your marketing strategy learn more about Retaindly's Self-Service Marketing Products. 

Marketing for Independent Executive Recruiters, Sole Proprietors and Start-Ups


If you have recently launched a new executive search business or operate as a sole proprietor focusing on only a few searches per year and need to focus on business development, Retaindly offers Self-Service Marketing Products to help get you started. Retaindly's self service marketing products have been created by our expert 10 years of marketing executive search firms and services to clients. Retaindly also offers project-based marketing services to independent executive recruiters as well for everything from content to social media.