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Branding For Search Firms and Executive Recruiters

Whether you are starting out on your own and have yet to think about a logo, have an established brand or need to update your marketing deliverables - Retaindly works with search firms and independent recruiters to create, define and refine every aspect of their branding. 

In some cases, a search firm will engage Retaindly to produce a one-time content piece (such as an eBook or pitch deck) that needs to be produced as a digital download. In these cases, we work diligently to design within your existing branding, and match it as closely as possible to create a seamless experience across all of your marketing assets and channels. 


Branding and design services we have produced in the past include a mix of: 

  • Graphic Design (eBooks, White Papers) 

  • Logo Design 

  • Pitch Decks

  • Proposal Templates

  • Brochures and Marketing Materials

  • Case Studies

  • Social Media Templates and Graphics

Design Paper
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