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Helping Hands

How Retaindly Gives Back

Since we launched Retaindly at the beginning of 2021, we have had an incredible journey. After a year in business, we have decided that it's time to start giving back. 

There are many ways search firms and executive recruiters can give back to the talent, HR and leadership community through coaching, mentorship, donations, board work and more. But, we wanted to take a different approach to our corporate social responsibility and stay true to our values - helping and supporting new businesses that are minority-owned.

So far in 2022, we have worked on and brought marketing dreams to life by launching:


  • An E-Commerce Website For a Local Artist To Manage And Sell Their Art Online. 

  • Social Media Campaigns And Account Management For An Emerging Artist

  • Social Media Campaigns For A General Contractor in Construction

All for free. 

We love the work that we do at Retaindly, and if we can send any new business on the same journey that we have been on in the past year and generate the same results we do for our clients - well, to us that is priceless. 

Thaddeus Andres



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