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Social Media Marketing eBook
For Executive Search & Recruiters

In this eBook, we will cover a wide range of topics for marketing your search firm and yourself using Twitter and LinkedIn - all of which tie to the fundamental goal of winning more search work. 

When it comes to integrating social media into your marketing strategy, it is important to understand where to find your prospective clients and how to strategically target them. We will examine many concepts within the eBook including:

  • Engaging With Followers And Growing Your Follower Base

  • The 5 Best Places On LinkedIn To Target Prospects

  • Activating Your Networks And Followers To Amplify Your Message

  • Analyzing Performance And Applying These Metrics To Your Marketing Strategy

  • Strategically Keeping Your Profile and Content In Front Of Prospects

  • Launching Paid Social Ad Campaigns, Setting Goals and Analyzing Results

Social Media For Executive Search and Executive Recruiters

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